Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fair Game

So I was listening to NPR some time. There is a show called Fair Game. The promo states they blow up the news of the day and put it back together. They just left out that when they put the stories back together they only use the liberal talking points for their template.
Anyway, the host had John Bolton on tonight. After tonight I really like John. John has gone on record that the recent intelligence report about Iran giving up their nuclear program and has been a critical of Bush and his administration. That last point is I think why he was on the show. The host (I can remember her name o well) was trying to pin john down by saying this report doesn't fit your view you are just going to ignore the facts. I love John’s response; He asked her if she had read the report. Of course she hadn't, she just knew what had been said. John ripped into her about no knowing what Iran had really stopped doing, and that it really was only a small part of the program to create weapons. He then when a little more in to how this report was to effect policy and well we don't really know all the info as the majority is still classified. So in true liberal style because she wasn't getting the answer she wanted, she went to her bush bashing and how John had stated in an article about something he had said against Bush. I'd admit I wasn't listing has hard because I was getting out of the car but John wouldn't rise to the bait and the interview ended really abruptly after that. Not surprising, I'm just supposed that she aired it, probably to fill the quota of conservative time on the radio.
O well I just thought it was funny that she wanted to talk and force a point but because she had not read the report and was trying to use the headlines to prove a political point, or really just a point against Bush and his administration.O well she went on to her music section, which is really a better place for her to talk on.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Highway Patrol Memorials

Ok have to talk about this. There are memorials on the side of the road here for highway Patrolmen that have fallen in the line of duty. Normally this is a cross, although I have seen a Star of David on one. I have always thought these are according to the troopers’ religion. I feel this is right. The memorial should be to honor them and their family.
Well there is a group call Atheist of America that is suing the Highway Patrol to remove the cross from the memorials. They claim that the highway Patrol is promotion Christianity with the crosses.
This makes me so mad, and I feel this is a load of crap.
If seeing a cross is going to convert you to Christianity you are not strong in your belief anyway, and if a cross can convert someone then pulling the cross will convert someone to atheism. So why is it ok for you to force your religion on me (Yes I feel that atheism is religion, it is a way of belief. I will talk about this later)?
I am sick of people that look for things to be offend about, but really get put out if you get offend by them. Grow a backbone.
I feel that the memorials are for the families of the fallen Patrolman, their families and the other Officers. The rest can go to hell if they are offended.
Just my two cents.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hollywood Writers Strike

Ok I just have a comment about the writers strike. They are saying on the news that this strike is going to affect everyone right down to the waiters in the dinners around Hollywood.
OK so they are saying that the people that make money will in Hollywood will spend and help all the little people.
That’s a good concept, but it needs to be applied to rich businesspeople as well. They will spend their money on the waiters and the workmen. They are the ones employ, but somehow this is never considered. It seams that if you’re a businessperson you are hoarding your money (of course given the situation in Washington it might be good to hoard and hide your money).
So why is there a different standard applied to Hollywood than there is applied to Wall Street?Just wondering?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rocky is in the news again

Ok I was listening to the radio this morning, because I just can’t pass up a talk show. The big news is the strife between Rocky and a veteran group that is going on right now.
Apparently there was a part of the cemetery that was restored or repaired. There was a ceremony that was to take place tomorrow to rededicate it. This is how it has been reported in the paper. The thing is the veteran group is saying that if Rocky is giving a speech they will not come.
I was listening to Rocky give his side, and according to Rocky he was invited and in no way was trying to stir things up. As usually he is totally faultless and it is the other entire guys fault. He even when as far as to say that these people will just write a letter to an editor instead of talking to him,( funny because this is exactly what the leader of the Democratic party did when Ende Green didn’t heap praises on Berock Obama when he visited a select group in Park City) because of course then they would just see things his way and we could all sing kumbyya together. So he says because the problem the whole thing will be scraped. Just bail. Typical Rocky.
OK First I’m tired of hearing how every tine there is a problem that involves Rocky it the right-wingers or those guys fault. I guess those guys include every one that doesn’t fall in line and sing the praise of Rocky. I guess if we all just fallowed blindly behind Rocky we would all be OK, because blind following of the bush administration is bad.
Of course Rocky then went into his bash of the war, and I have to give to Rocky that he is learning and include the Clintons in his rant, after Doug brought the Clintons into it, but every thing that is going on in Iraq is Bushes fault and we should just bail, and they would figure it out after we left. He went off on the Clintons but I still think he would have left them out and the congress that voted for the war out if he could have.
We once he was on his Iraq rant there is no going back.
I can understand some of his points he believes passion about the war, I have a problem hat he has used his position as mayor to further this agents, he would not have gotten the platforms that he has if it weren’t for him being mayor, and it took being beating in a debate to even give the points like that congress that voted for the war should be held accountable as well.
I can see why the veterans would not want him at an event that was set up to honor them. He says that he supports the troops, but doesn’t explain how he does that; all he does is rip down the commander and say that they are an occupying force and should be there. They are doing their job. You can’t tell someone that they are doing an illegal job and say but I support you.Just a few more months and Rocky is gone. I’m counting the days to when he doesn’t have this platform to aduse.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Talk Radio

Ok I guess I will start with this. I am a talk radio junkie. I will listen to it more than any other radio. We have a talk show at night here that is for the next generation.
After tonight I don’t know how much I’m going to listen to them.
The host Michael was going on about Rush getting in trouble for his comments. Hannity was defending Rush, but Michael was upset about how someone could bad talk military. Funny I didn’t hear him bashing for they ad against General Petraeus.
The show is starting to show it’s liberal side.
I stopped listing to them after the tazzing of the college. Michael was so upset that the student was taxed. He feels the taser should be used against a gun, but not against a student. He feels the student’s first amendment rights were stomped on.
The student was trying to make a scene and was given the chance to comply in a peaceful manner. I understand that the taser is to be used in this situation, but I’m not a cop a cop should be asked.
I only bring this up because he was so upset that people questioned the officer in the Mark Foley case, so much that he brought a cop in to verify that an arrest should have been made.
Ok I can respect this, but now that here is another situation that a cops action is being question he is not getting the cop back to get the cops side of a situation.
So he is picking and choosing what he gets upset about.
Of course I’m still listening. Michael is attacking Pres Bush vetoing the CHIP bill. Pres Bush. He tries so hard to not do the talking points but he eventually gets back to that. He calls for the Republicans to put carp to the side, but call doesn’t go to the Democrats.
To be fair Michael does do a good job of being in the middle, but he is still harder on the Republicans than he is on Democrats.
I missed the segment, I will have to log on and listen tomorrow to see how he handles it, but as he went off early I don’t expect him to be nice to Rush.
I’m Ok with him being rough on Rush, but then he needs to be rough on as well for doing the same thing. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but he is doing the same thing he complains about. I’m fair and balanced, so trust me.
This is going to be hard to express. It's good no one will be reading this

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hey there

Ok I have another blog but that is one for the family and the neutral persona.
I have wanted another blog for some time were I could be anonymous and a little more honest about some subjects.
Now I’m not going to post anything that is that bad maybe controversial, but mainly just things that should not to be posted with the other stories about my family.
I am a student, and live in Utah. I am concealed firearms permit holder, but I don’t carry all the time. I studied Kung Fu for four years but am out of practice.
I would hunt given the right opportunities but I have dislike for many of the redneck hunters out there. I will survive what is thrown at me and know how to use what is at hand to do so.
I love woodworking and auto mechanics. I’m studying to be a mechanical engineer. I believe that we need to be searching for other forms of energy, but don’t believe that we can sustain our way of live with just renewable source like wind or solar power. I believe nuclear power is a big part of that equation. I don’t think that we need to go backward in time as to our standard of living to be able to save the plant. We do need to conserve and be wise in how we use our resources, but this doesn’t mean that living in a cave is how we should be.
I’m sure more will come out.I really don’t think that many if any will read this but it will make me fell better to get it out.