Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hey there

Ok I have another blog but that is one for the family and the neutral persona.
I have wanted another blog for some time were I could be anonymous and a little more honest about some subjects.
Now I’m not going to post anything that is that bad maybe controversial, but mainly just things that should not to be posted with the other stories about my family.
I am a student, and live in Utah. I am concealed firearms permit holder, but I don’t carry all the time. I studied Kung Fu for four years but am out of practice.
I would hunt given the right opportunities but I have dislike for many of the redneck hunters out there. I will survive what is thrown at me and know how to use what is at hand to do so.
I love woodworking and auto mechanics. I’m studying to be a mechanical engineer. I believe that we need to be searching for other forms of energy, but don’t believe that we can sustain our way of live with just renewable source like wind or solar power. I believe nuclear power is a big part of that equation. I don’t think that we need to go backward in time as to our standard of living to be able to save the plant. We do need to conserve and be wise in how we use our resources, but this doesn’t mean that living in a cave is how we should be.
I’m sure more will come out.I really don’t think that many if any will read this but it will make me fell better to get it out.