Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain picks a winner

Well I guess I have to say this. I love that McCain choose Sarah Palin. Yes she is unknown and that may or may pay off, at least there aren’t going to be any ads of Rommey bashing McCain.
But this was a great play by McCain. This is a fresh face and fighter from what I got from the speech she gave.
Now I have already heard from people that McCain choose her because he got scared after Obama’s speech, but the way McCain was able to keep this under wraps and not have made up his mind.
He hit this one out of the park.
I was listing to nightside, the night time talk show here, and Ethen was really trying to down play the impact that Palin will play on the race. Acknowledging that Obama can’t play the inexperience card against her, without pointing out his own,( Really that should be thought about more), but of course he was quick to point out that McCain couldn’t use the inexperience either because of her. I would like to point out that she is not running for the top slot, where the experience is really needed. In other words there can be some on the job training(even if it’s just a little) for the VP.
Anyway, it was funny to me that the wind was just taking out of Ethans sails, because he seamed so ready to just talk about Obama’s speech so he could swoon some more, but because of the Palin pick that was the big news. While I have to admit I couldn’t hear the whole show, but what I heard was all about Palin, even the after party.
This had to rub him raw, because normally he uses as much time as he can defending anything Obama and swooning. Of course it just because Obama is black, and this is not racist of course because it smooths white guilt, but will he now say that he won’t vote for McCain/Palin because he is sexist? Just asking.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What if?

So I want to know what would happen if there was a group out there that stated their goal was to harass any group that was donating to or supporting the Democratic Party. What kind of call to shut them down would be made? Would there be endless instigations into that group? Would the press sit by and not do any reporting on this? I would think not!But when there is a group with the stated purpose of doing this do Republicans, Nothing. Not even any coverage. So is there bias in the press. I have said so before, yup The question is why is the media bias towards Democrats? The only reason I can think of is Money. So long as the media gets to tell you how to think they make money and have power. This goes along with the lefts though process because the masses are too stupid to think for themselves and need to be lead by the balls by the elite. A true conservative wants you to get the information for yourself and think. You are in charge of your life.
I know I didn’t quote any source, I will get them posted later, but even if this is hypothetical, what do you think?
Thanks for listing to my rant

The group is called accountable America.
They sent out a warning letter and are listed by google as “dedicated to electing Democrats to the state legislature across America.”
So tell me were is the outrage?
If not that where is the coverage?
Michelle Malkin talks about it here.
It’s a good read

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good post

Read this on Stop the ACLU

it's a good read

Vacation Time

So I was listing to the radio today and the news was that Nancy Pelosi voted to recess congress. It seams the she recess the house so that the republicans can't force a vote on the energy crisis
Now I find this telling. The subject comes up and Pelosi can not avoid it like she has been doing, because it is growing across the country the idea or felling that domestic drilling need to be done, and more people even in her state of California.
So she has said lately that she is trying to save the planet. That is finding but I thought that she was elected to do the will of her electric. I thought the term was public servant. Now she has had some justification in being again drilling because California is against but they are changing their mind, so shouldn't she. Or don’t the people no longer matter once the elected office reaches high enough office?
I think that it is showing the elitist view that Washington has, and this goes for both sides of the isles.
The republicans are jumping on this because it is becoming a defining issue and they have less to lose. So their pushing has not as much clot as it should, but at least they are doing something.
Democrats want us to be greener, regardless of the consequences, so they are not going to do anything to put more oil in the market, and I agree that oil is not the long term, but we need it now because we are so depended on it. Unless you want to see our economy completely collapses.
This may be what they want, thinking that it could be rebuild in their vision.
Of course to rebuild us after a crash it would take the kind of hard work they wouldn't know how to inspire, but I digress.
So any what this should the democratic line, we wont fight about an issue, if we can't ignore it we will run from it?
This is why I can't vote for a democrat, even if I may agree with them at a local level; the national party squashes anything that is not the main line. Which I could not disagree with them more.
Case in point, Joe Lieberman, voted 98% of the time with the party but for the war, because of this they primaries him out, to get ride of him.
Think about that next time you have to fill up; the democrats needed their vacation more than they need to deal with the energy issue, or that it is more important to look good in front of the rest of the world, or maybe look the same as the rest of the world than to deal with the situation.