Thursday, November 15, 2007

Highway Patrol Memorials

Ok have to talk about this. There are memorials on the side of the road here for highway Patrolmen that have fallen in the line of duty. Normally this is a cross, although I have seen a Star of David on one. I have always thought these are according to the troopers’ religion. I feel this is right. The memorial should be to honor them and their family.
Well there is a group call Atheist of America that is suing the Highway Patrol to remove the cross from the memorials. They claim that the highway Patrol is promotion Christianity with the crosses.
This makes me so mad, and I feel this is a load of crap.
If seeing a cross is going to convert you to Christianity you are not strong in your belief anyway, and if a cross can convert someone then pulling the cross will convert someone to atheism. So why is it ok for you to force your religion on me (Yes I feel that atheism is religion, it is a way of belief. I will talk about this later)?
I am sick of people that look for things to be offend about, but really get put out if you get offend by them. Grow a backbone.
I feel that the memorials are for the families of the fallen Patrolman, their families and the other Officers. The rest can go to hell if they are offended.
Just my two cents.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hollywood Writers Strike

Ok I just have a comment about the writers strike. They are saying on the news that this strike is going to affect everyone right down to the waiters in the dinners around Hollywood.
OK so they are saying that the people that make money will in Hollywood will spend and help all the little people.
That’s a good concept, but it needs to be applied to rich businesspeople as well. They will spend their money on the waiters and the workmen. They are the ones employ, but somehow this is never considered. It seams that if you’re a businessperson you are hoarding your money (of course given the situation in Washington it might be good to hoard and hide your money).
So why is there a different standard applied to Hollywood than there is applied to Wall Street?Just wondering?