Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More gun control

Ok I have to write this, there has been a lot of shooting over the last few weeks. These things are terrible events and each one saddens me.
I have noticed that there is a general trend among the shootings. They are all at gun free zones. They have been on school campuses and in courthouses. The one at the courthouse the gunman went after the cops first, to eliminate any threat to himself. An gun freezone really does a good job of elimitating threats to the shooter.
As usually there is more calls for gun control, even thought the new laws would not have stopped the crimes. I mean how could a gun free zone such as a school be more restrictive to guns?
Anyway here is the typical liberal response

I have also read posts or editorials that state that the shootings that were stopped by armed citizens were more a chance thing and not a good idea.
Give me a break.
In the case of the trolley square shooting there were several concealed weapon permit holders in the mall with their guns, they did not run out to confront the shooter, but had the shooter come into the store where they were located, the shooter would have meet strong resistance. Still as it was a citizen with a gun that slowed the shooter down and allowed the cops to take him down.
Any way it’s just another attack on the second amendment.
My question is “ Once you do away with the second amendment, what amendment are you going to go after then?”

People it’s not just about guns it about freedom

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One year from the Trolley Square shooting

I really mostly forgot about this but I really think it should be something to take about. It is the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Trolley Square here in Salt Lake City. This was a scary night. I remember watching the new flashes and thinking of the terror that someone there would be thinking and how I wished I were there to help.
This was a tragic event that no one thought would happen in our town, and there are some that are still feeling the affects. My heart goes out to the families that lost love ones, and a sense of pride goes to the offices that went in to face the evil that was happening.
My wife’s Aunt was working in a store in Trolley Square and missed the shooting by just a few hours. Way too close for comfort.
Now I get to get up on my soapbox. The shooter at Trolley Square (I refuse to use his name) was using a shotgun. Now the damage a shotgun can do is enormous. Pretty much anyone that was shoot was killed, very few wounded, but over all the total killed was less than what it should have been considering the weapon used and the amount of ammo the shooter had with him. Why, because of an armed citizen. Yes he was a police officer, but he was off duty and did not have to have his gun with him or really get involved (of course any good cop would have gotten involved). Now the officer was not the one that killed the shooter, that was the other responding officers, but he slowed the man down and in doing so saved lives.
There have been other examples recently were an armed citizens stopped if not killed a shooter in a public place, and if you really look at the recent shooting across the country you will notice that most are happening in gun free zones. Where if not banned then strongly discouraged.
So what is my rant, I have a cwp and carry a gun the majority of the time. Why, because I feel that you have to fight evil, not just run away, if you want to protect life.
Again, My heart is with the families that must still be feeling the pain of the shooting; you are not alone.