Friday, February 20, 2009


So I’m listing to Doug talk about the situation with Senator Butters and talking to the minority leader.
She is saying that as an elected official should be held to a higher level or standard.
My question is does this apply to their president and his cabinet?

So I don't post a lot

I know I don't post a lot but I do write small thought at work or at school.
So I figure that I will write the posts as I can and then post a bunch all at once.
Since no one reads this blog that should be OK

So why the different standard?

So I’m listing to Hannity and it funny that he is getting chewed out by a lady because he doesn’t know anyone the make under 30 k a year, and that somehow his opinion about the “common man” and what they are going though is invalid because he is making money now.
So because he is making money now, he can’t understand what people that don’t have as much money are going though ?
So I think that it’s funny coming from someone that probably voted for Obama because he would help the middle class. So tell me how can someone that grew up in Hawaii and attended Harvard and then yes worked in the community but was able to buy a million dollar home can have such a good handle on the struggle of the middle and lower class?
How is it that a conservative that came from no money, but has money now doesn’t know how is like for the middle/lower class, but a democrat that came from no money but has money now can be compassionate to the middle/lower class or a Democrat that came from money can understand the middle/lower class?


So I have to say I am sick of hearing that the American people know about Obama and they wanted the way he would take the country.
Yet the zoggdy pole show that the ones that voted for o was fairly under informed. Manly because they only listed to CNN.
So don’t tell me that every one in America heard about everything or really a small part of O’s life and what is used to make a good judgment and still voted for him.
This was an election where the press decided what we should know and had an agenda. I know that some like Alex for the night side project dismisses that there is a bias, but I really don’t think that you can dismiss a report about the amount and the types of stories about the election unless that is your bias.


So I have got to ask, there are two cabinet members that Obama has appointed that have had tax problem, meaning they didn’t pay them. Joe Biden on the complain trail said that is it patriotic to pay taxes or to pay more taxes.
So does that mean we can question their patriotism?