Friday, October 17, 2008

Is this good for America?

I was listening to Hannity today and he was taking just Obama caller and there was one that had an good argument that he feels that corporations should pay more and that would help him, becasue he can't pay anymore He also feels that the corporations would have to pay the taxes because the market wouldn’t let them raise the cost of their product to cover the taxes, funny that a liberal would try to use the market to prove his point, anyway so his presumptions that there would be companies that would keep their cost down and that would force the other to the same.
I have to agree with him. Some companies would keep there cost down, they would be foreign companies, the ones not having to pay these higher taxes, mainly china, so the American companies wouldn’t be able to keep up and would have to close down, thus losing America jobs.
So if the consumer doesn’t pay the higher prices the companies would go under.
How is this good for America?