Friday, March 14, 2008

Bias Press, Na you don't say

Ok I was wondering about this but had not looked it up to see what had happened. If you have been in Utah in the last few years you have herd of Dell Shansy. Well he is a loud mouth that owned a computer store. He was known for his loud commercials. Well he is apparently running for Salt Lake county mayor. That is not what I want to talk about here.
A few years ago he was in trouble for pulling a gun on some guys that had stopped him in a neighborhood. The story was all over the place and big deal was being made about him pulling his gun. It seams that Dell was speeding through a neighborhood and was stopped by three guys. The event was escalated to a point where Dell pulled his gun. I did hear that the reason he pulled his gun was because one of the guys had a rock that he was threatening Dell with.
The story was covered in detail and a lot of his other antics were pulled out to show what type of guy Dell was.
Now was Dell speeding? Probably. Was Dell’s mouth the reason the situation escalated? Probably yes. Did the three guys have the right to stop Dell, no?
Was he right in pulling his gun? That is the question. There was no coverage of the situation after the original court date.
Talking to my wife when I got home she was telling me that Dell was cleared of the charges because it was deemed that he acted appropriately.
So it appears that a person used a gun leally and in defends of his person. But was there any coverage, nope.
Big Surprise
And people say the press is not bias.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Surprise

I have been watching the president primaries and am finding the fight among the democrats funny.
The big thing now is that The Clinton Camp is trying to make the delegates in Michigan and Florida count. Of course this is contray to the letter Clinton signed saying that she would abide by the DNC’s rules.
Obama of course is making a big deal about it, but I’m thinking he should just be quite because early in the race he sign an agreement with McCain stating if they won the nomanation they would us just public funds, now I’m not sure what that means completely, but Obama is shying away form this because he has raised so much money that to use only public money would be limiting himself.
So really both candidates will agree to something until it hinders them. Big Surprise

On the other hand I heard one guy on that had called in to Doug Wright stating that the reason Florida moved up their primary was because of the republican sensate moved the primary date and the democrats were forced to move and were being punished because of the republicans in the senate.
Wow, do you thing they could come up with something new besides blaming republicans for everything. I’m just waiting for them to blame Bush for the sinking of the Titanic.