Monday, April 20, 2009

Bounty on critters

I have to say I am sick of hearing after a robbery or something of that sort, where the victim declined to be one and fought back the police coming out and saying we are in favor of compliance to the robber. Like the one today the SLPD came out and stated we are in favor of compliance because you don’t know the motivation of the robber. You don’t know what they have on board, or what drug may be fueling it.
Ok the robber motivation is that he need or wants money and doesn’t want to work for it and knows that the rick factor in a robbery is low.
My question is why shouldn’t the robber be asking what is this victim, carrying and what will be do to me to stop me? This attitude by the police that the victim should be complaint just embolden the robbers, by verifying that eh risks are low for them.
I would love for the police come out and praise the clerk for defending themselves and stopping the crook. Publicly stating the that no charges will be filled against the clerk and really anyone the fight a robber or critter( borrowed term from the lawdog). This will raise the risk level for the critter and will possibly lower the frequency of the crime.
I keep hearing that there is nothing at work the is worth dying for, so I shouldn’t fight back. Well shouldn’t the critter be thinking this? Shouldn’t it be a larger danger for the critter to attack a law abiding citizen?
I’m for a bounty on any critter with a proven rap sheet and attempt of crime? I know I know this will lead to vigilantly, that is why the penalty for shooting someone not in the act of committing a crime will be treated like the critter shot. So is would be a fine line, but that would put the critters on notice.
Since the law only wants you to go along to be safe, well I don’t feel safe in a world were the critters are emboldened.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party

So I hope that you went to your local Tea Party. I have to say that I love name calling that comes from the left. They say that the tea parties are stupid and then proceed to blame Bush(their favorite past time). I just wonder if the have really looked at many of the disagreement a lot of the supports of the tea parties have with George Bush. It’s funny how they are really quite childish when someone takes their toys.
Anyway I have been reading the comments on KSL and I find It funny that they are talking about the flat tax and how it will not go through because it would be a tax increase on most people. I say to that no shit. When you have 40% of the people not paying taxes then any kind of tax change where everyone will have to pay taxes, their burden will increase. It’s hard not to increase when you start at zero. It’s kind of like when you have the top 15% (I think it is) paying 50% of the tax burden. Any tax cut will benefit them more. As stated it’s hard to cut zero percent.
Any way it’s time to speak up, conservatives have not had a voice for a long time. Regan was our great president, was he perfect, no but he is a lot better than anything that we have had for some time.
So anyway, speak up if you want your country to survive. America will survive but will not be powerhouse of the world, it would be more like Europe, which is really a second rate power.
I feel you can link that with the socialistic way it is run. anyway go to a Tea Party if you can.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where is the tolerance?

So I was wondering, I just read an article written by Julie Limbaugh talking about her relationship with her cousin Rush. She apparently is a liberal, but anytime she tells someone her name she receives the ill of the left. She talks about how she had to avoid certain professors or her grade would have been lower because of her uncle, and how she wasn’t able to get a on a new flight after hers was canceled because the ticket agent was ”the biggest democrat “.
I just want to know why do I have to accept and come to the middle when the left will treat someone this badly, just because of her uncle? Where is the tolerance of all people I’m supposed to have, when the left well vilified one of their own because of her uncle?
I’m told often that the republicans will not accept you if you don’t act the way they want, and this is how they act.
I know that not all democrats are this way, but many of the leadership of the party is this way.
So I just ask the one question;
Where is the tolerance?

I do have some respect for her because inspite of everything she will continue to love her cousin.

Friday, February 20, 2009


So I’m listing to Doug talk about the situation with Senator Butters and talking to the minority leader.
She is saying that as an elected official should be held to a higher level or standard.
My question is does this apply to their president and his cabinet?

So I don't post a lot

I know I don't post a lot but I do write small thought at work or at school.
So I figure that I will write the posts as I can and then post a bunch all at once.
Since no one reads this blog that should be OK

So why the different standard?

So I’m listing to Hannity and it funny that he is getting chewed out by a lady because he doesn’t know anyone the make under 30 k a year, and that somehow his opinion about the “common man” and what they are going though is invalid because he is making money now.
So because he is making money now, he can’t understand what people that don’t have as much money are going though ?
So I think that it’s funny coming from someone that probably voted for Obama because he would help the middle class. So tell me how can someone that grew up in Hawaii and attended Harvard and then yes worked in the community but was able to buy a million dollar home can have such a good handle on the struggle of the middle and lower class?
How is it that a conservative that came from no money, but has money now doesn’t know how is like for the middle/lower class, but a democrat that came from no money but has money now can be compassionate to the middle/lower class or a Democrat that came from money can understand the middle/lower class?


So I have to say I am sick of hearing that the American people know about Obama and they wanted the way he would take the country.
Yet the zoggdy pole show that the ones that voted for o was fairly under informed. Manly because they only listed to CNN.
So don’t tell me that every one in America heard about everything or really a small part of O’s life and what is used to make a good judgment and still voted for him.
This was an election where the press decided what we should know and had an agenda. I know that some like Alex for the night side project dismisses that there is a bias, but I really don’t think that you can dismiss a report about the amount and the types of stories about the election unless that is your bias.


So I have got to ask, there are two cabinet members that Obama has appointed that have had tax problem, meaning they didn’t pay them. Joe Biden on the complain trail said that is it patriotic to pay taxes or to pay more taxes.
So does that mean we can question their patriotism?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Thoughts II

I ran across this post on the ring wing news.

I like the suggestion about a killing spree. Suggestion #8
But my question is you don’t like guns so how are you going to do this?
I mean you will want to target conservatives because everyone knows they are the one that want to kill the planet. The problem is conservatives are backed by the NRA, so they like guns, they own guns and are probably pretty good with them. So if you shoot at them they will definitely shoot back and I would bet they are better shoots. No wait that’s a good idea, your goal would be achieved; someone would die and reduce the amount of people on the planet. The bad news; you would probably be the one that would die.
Just let me know were your going to be doing this, I want to watch.
Really that would help the planet

Thanks I needed the laugh.

Green Thoughts

So I have had some random thought about the global warming theories and really I have come to the conclusions that
“if your poor you suck and the environmentalists hate you.”
You know, if you can’t afford a new hybrid, because you are working just to pay you heating bill. Or you are not willing to allow you power bill to go up by 80% just to you can use only wind power. You suck.
So if your not willing to pay that extra $10 for the organic tomatoes because you are not making as much money because you company forwent raises to enact is green plan, just remember.
You suck and the environmentalists hates you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

X96 morning shows

So I know I haven’t’ posted here in a long time. I just have been busier that snot. I just was listing to the radio on the way to work; now I haven’t listened to this program in a while. It’s an alternative music station and I listen to more talk radio now than a music stations.
Anyway, Listing to this station to this morning reminded me why I don’t listen to them anymore, and it would explain my shift to talk radio, since this morning show really dosent’t play much music and they are trying to be a talk show.
They had their lists this morning that they find annoying, and then tell us all. The impression given is that we all should feel this way.
So I listened to one host pontificate about right wing radio host using the term “redistributing the wealth”. Now of course he doesn’t want them to stop because he had a good argument that it wasn’t redistributing the wealth, he just feels that now the redistributing will be in towards middle class and not to the banks or the wealthy. So if you do feel it’s redistribution they why are you mad that they are using the term, because it would give a bad light on it?
I guess I feel that it you are going to agree that is redistribution then you really should complain when someone else uses that term.
But then again they are the ones on the radio and what would I know compared to their great knowledge, and why should I expect any kind of constancy.
Side note - how can it be redistribution when the fitly rich are the ones that pay the majority of the taxes and the new president will try and take more. The middle class or the poor don’t have the kind of money that they seam to think was taken for the big wigs.
Any way, I now remember why I don’t like listening to them; the hypocrisy is enough to make you puke.

Liquor Laws

Doug is talking about the liquor laws again. Now we should look at them again because they are not reasonable, but I wanted to comment on the caller that said we need to redo our laws because we need to come in to the 20th century.
Now I want to know why we should want to do that, I was listing to the new generation WE, and they talk about the horrible stat the union is in and how everything is just so horrible. Now what I see is that the country on a whole is tilting more liberal and as it tips more that way the less strength the country seems to have. Now I know it is just in the last eight year since Mr. Bush was in office, just ask any liberal. Anyway the more the country leans liberal the less strength it has.
If this is the direction we are going, why would we want to join the 20th century? When the strength of America we foundered in so many of the practices that are looked down upon now?
So answer me do we really want to jioint the 10th century?