Friday, June 27, 2008

NPR's take on high prices

SO listing to NPR the other night I was surprised by the gust they had on.
He was talking about how it was a good thing that the prices for everything are going up, because that would mean that everyone’s income would go up. He justifies this by using the example of the cost of living increased that most people get every year. He stated that although everything is going up, it our buying power would not change because our incomes would increase as well.
My response would be to remind him that everyone’s income already was raised about a year ago when congress raised the minimum wage. This affected everyone’s income, not just the ones making minimum wage.
So at that time most people got the adjustment he is referring to, really our buying power is going to decrease for a while. Of course that’s just what I see.
No-one wants to talk about the effect of raising the minimum wage.
I saw the effect of it because I work currently for minimum wage and tips, but it caused the price change to our pizzas, because the stores labor costs when up.
O well I guess because it make the liberal feel better that they raised the wage fro millions of Americas, they don’t really care affect it has. Then NPR will defend it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is Michelle really proud?

So on the way home tonight I was listing to the radio and the topic was about Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.
The host is a real Obama supporter and I don’t think that there is anything the Obamas’ could do that he would not excuse.
Anyway he was talking about he comment that Michelle had said about her not being really proud about America and was giving the excuses for it, and ho Cindy doesn’t have a right to say anything about it because she had a different experience than a black person would have had growing up.
His basic premise is that because there are black people that experienced the racism against them that a black person could have ill feeling.
Ok to be fair I’m not saying that everyone should be forced to have great feelings, but if you have hard feeling towards that country why are you supporting you husband in running for the top job. I know to make it better. By telling white folk that they really screwed it up and it will take a black man to make it better? That’s really color blind.
Anyway the host keep jumping back to that Michelle was totally justified in having hard feeling toward the us because of it’s racism past.
I just have a few questions.
How long do was have to pay for our racism past?
No one I know or was related to has owned a slave or asked a black man to got to the back of the bus.
If you really are only proud of the country now, why would you run for the top job?
And please don’t try and tell me that Brack is running not Michelle, If he is running, she is running because of how she has put herself in the front lines. I mean how much effort you are going to put into something that you have hard felling about.
I also know that I do share most of the feeling and thoughts of my wife. The ones we truly differed from we have mostly come to common ground, and we have only been married seven years.
One last thing, Cindy may have brought it up in an interview today, but then again so did Michelle on the View. So it’s not just he vast right wing conspiracy talking about it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New ad for Prius

So I was in line on Saturday to get gas, and I was cut off by a little Prius.
Now I will give them the benefit of a doubt and say they didn't see me, I mean how could you see a Ford Explorer, it’s so unobtrusive.
But it made me thing of the new advertisement for the Toyota Prius.

Friendly to the earth,
Screw everyone else.

I think it goes right along with the environmentalists’ mindset.

Don't you think?