Thursday, January 31, 2008

Movie Shoot Em Up

Well I finally saw shoot em up, and have to say it was totally under whelming, in fact it was upsetting. I wanted to see it because there were a lot of guns in the movie but it ended up being a slam against the 2 amendment and all gun owners.
The movie starts with the hero saving a pregnant woman from the gun-toting thugs. He does a good job fending the off with the 380. And even delivers the baby. Now I will not go into the fact that you will be hard pressed to get a one shot kill with a 380, not that it isn’t possible but very difficult and he shot about 4 time the number of bullets that gun will hold regardless of the three reloads he does but I digress, anyway the women doesn’t make it, they kill her off with a head shot but the way she was bleeding she wouldn’t have lived anyway. This just kind of shows the level of realism about guns in this movie.
The hero take the baby and tries to give it up but the killers don’t give him the chance, he has to rush in and save the baby.
As the story goes on it comes out that the guys trying to kill the baby are from a gun manufacturer and are trying to kill the baby that would be the marrow donor for the congressman they is ding and is stanch anti-gun guy.
The hero figures this out and goes toe the congressman only to find he’s in bed with the gun company, and will be changing his mind about gun control. This leads the hero to kill the congressman to give the anti-sun movement a poster child or martyr.
As the story progresses the guy leading the thugs is looking in to find out who the hero is, because no matter how many people he throws at him they can’t kill him. He digs up somewhere that the hero is some kind of special ops solder and was the son of a British gunsmith chased to the US by the Uks gun bans. He also uncovers that his wife and child were killed by the lunatic that shot up a McDonalds, also that the hero owned the gun store that sold the lunatic the shotguns used in the shooting. I thought it funny that is wasn’t until the last few scenes that you find out the hero was sloppy in the background check when he sold the gun and was prosecuted for it and is a fugitive because of that.
So we have a fugitive from justice that couldn’t even follow the laws that are already in place proving the point that the gun companies are evil.
What a load of crap.
The laws are in place to help prevent the lunatic from getting a gun legal and the hero didn’t follow them. Not saying that he desired to lose his wife and child, but then he runs and becomes a fugitive. This is your anti-gun poster boy. Not to mention that he very willing execute the congressman and many guards at the gun warehouse, who were doing their job and we legal where he was trespassing.
So this is the man so show that if guns were illegal that the violence would go a way.
I guess I shouldn’t have expected straight thinking from a movie where the hero is able to kill anyone he looks at by just sweeping the gun in that direction, while no one else could even shot sort of strait.If you get a chance to watch this movie, skip it and watch something else more interesting, like paint drying. Your intelligence would be less insulted.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Science Friday

I was listening to Science Friday on NPR tonight. The had an author on that wrote the book "Plan B” Ok I forgot the authors name, but it was basically the plan we should have to curb global warming and what we should do to accomplish that. The plan is the typical push for alternative energy, now I have to say here I am all for renewable recourses. I have a real difficult time with the US being dependant on foreign oil. This has caused us all sorts of problem and will continue to do so considering the oil comes from the unstable regions of the Middle East.
Most of his ideas were fairly typical global warming rant, you know we need to stop using our cars and we should use solar and wind power (at least he wasn’t advocating population control, at least not in this interview). What surprised me was the author was talking about how the market needed to drive this push towards using alternative energy. However his suggestion was to lower the income tax and make up the difference with a carbon tax. I don’t know about you but that is not having the market drive us towards alternative energy. It is more government program.
However this is what he is calling market driven. This is still government control, or the government knows best attitude.
I love how the global warming group is all for government clamping down. It fallows the liberal view that the government will save us all.
Now I believe there is a reason to control our emissions, and find a better way to fill our energy needs, but it shouldn't be done with a tax or government control.
He was right in one aspect; the market is the force that will ultimately make the country go green. It has more power than any government program to shape how people live.Just another global warming alarmist expecting the government to save him. I wonder what he is willing to give up to have the government to fix it for him. He probably thinks he doesn’t pay enough in taxes now.