Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fair Game

So I was listening to NPR some time. There is a show called Fair Game. The promo states they blow up the news of the day and put it back together. They just left out that when they put the stories back together they only use the liberal talking points for their template.
Anyway, the host had John Bolton on tonight. After tonight I really like John. John has gone on record that the recent intelligence report about Iran giving up their nuclear program and has been a critical of Bush and his administration. That last point is I think why he was on the show. The host (I can remember her name o well) was trying to pin john down by saying this report doesn't fit your view you are just going to ignore the facts. I love John’s response; He asked her if she had read the report. Of course she hadn't, she just knew what had been said. John ripped into her about no knowing what Iran had really stopped doing, and that it really was only a small part of the program to create weapons. He then when a little more in to how this report was to effect policy and well we don't really know all the info as the majority is still classified. So in true liberal style because she wasn't getting the answer she wanted, she went to her bush bashing and how John had stated in an article about something he had said against Bush. I'd admit I wasn't listing has hard because I was getting out of the car but John wouldn't rise to the bait and the interview ended really abruptly after that. Not surprising, I'm just supposed that she aired it, probably to fill the quota of conservative time on the radio.
O well I just thought it was funny that she wanted to talk and force a point but because she had not read the report and was trying to use the headlines to prove a political point, or really just a point against Bush and his administration.O well she went on to her music section, which is really a better place for her to talk on.