Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi There

Wow, I didn’t thing this blog was still here. I haven’t written here in a few years, because will I was busy. Trying to finish school and raise a family.
So as it is still here I guess I could pontificate here.
I read a head line yesterday, saying “why are the tea partiers patriots and the occupiers terrorists?” I be honest I didn’t read the article; mainly because it was written by someone I have to deal with and don’t want to fully understand their political lean. It would make family parties hard to get though than they already are.
Ok first off I don’t know anyone calling the occupiers terrorists, I have at most heard them called useful idiots. I think they fall in this category. The majority of the occupiers are trying to get a fairer life as they see it, but they are not terrorists.
But going with that meme, there are occupiers on you tube calling for a violent revolution. I have read a tweeting conversation where the occupier was stating that they would have to cut the heads off of a  few white kids and the rest would fall in line. This is the same one that stated that they would have to break a few eggs. Now are these examples the whole of the protests? Perhaps not, but please show me where a tea partier called for beheadings? Or called for a French Revolution, a bloody revolution?
That the last count I heard there are something like 800 occupiers that have been arrested, how many Tea Partiers have been arrested?
They are calling for an even playing field, manly what I see is they don’t want to be held responsible for the decisions they have made.
I will just say this; I just graduated with my engineering degree. My tuition when up a year before anyone else, because engineers get good jobs right out of school. I don’t have student loans, because my family sacrificed and when through hell to be free of such loans.
Is it fair for someone that didn’t sacrifice and when in to debt for a philosophy degree to be forgiven of this loan? How is that fair to me? I am just asking because the occupiers seam to be all about themselves.
So back to the original question (one that could only be asked by someone with a liberal slant) No the occupiers are not terrorists but they do not represent the majority of the country. The Tea party does.
O and by the why, why would you go against the section of the country that believes in the second amendment? I feel that a violent revolution by these occupiers would be short.

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