Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Movement, ya right

So Larry, Yes that Larry Correia, posted this about the occupy movement.

I did see the Salt Lake occupiers and they took up about a quarter of Pioneer park. This park is about one city block. So the whole protest was in a quarter of a block.

Now that’s a movement.

I have to admit that when I was driving by the park I asked myself where the protest was. I had almost driven past before I saw them. Yup a real big movement.

Just like the Tea Party

I also read an article tile (again admittedly did read the article see here)

It talks about the protester that died and the author comments “this was unexpected.”

My question is why is this unexpected?

You have group that is comply dependent on people proving them food and clothing and tents. They are not prepared for cold weather, which here in Utah happens fast. This is also a group without set goals, so why would they be prepared for cold weather.

I’m assuming here that the death was due to the weather, but it fits for other causes too. It was an unprepared person waiting for someone to provide for them.

A child would be another word for such a person, except that I would not allow this kind of behavior from my children.

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